Breaking News: OP mayor confirms report of Village employee testing positive for COVID-19

By Jon DePaolis

A Village of Orland Park employee has tested positive for COVID-19.

Mayor Keith Pekau confirmed to Richard Free Press Thursday, June 25, that a Village employee had recently received a positive test. The confirmation came after an article published earlier in the day by Suburban Chicagoland’s Ray Hanania alleging sources told him “an employee in the Village Manager’s Office at Orland Park Village Hall has tested positive for Coronavirus.”

“We have a Village of Orland Park employee who was asymptomatic but took a [COVID-19] test … and tested positive,” Pekau told Richard Free Press in a phone interview. “Anyone who had prolonged contact — [in accordance] to both CDC guidelines and our occupational health provider — are self-quarantining and have been tested. At this point, to my knowledge, none of them have tested positive.”

Pekau also confirmed that a professional cleaning service was at Village Hall on June 24 to clean the entire building, as per the Village’s protocol that was put in place for coronavirus concerns.